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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Obama Links

I have 3 links for you this morning, all related to Senator Obama.

First up, we have this link to a Rott piece on Obama's voting record on infanticide. (No real language alert on the post itself, but I didn't read the comments, so you're on your own there.) Senator Obama, as an Illinois State Senator, voted 3 times against a bill that would have required doctors to try to save a baby that somehow survived an abortion. His reason for voting against it? The federal law was symbolic, but the state law would actually do something. Can't have that, now, can we? (This is the same man who said how much he loved the verse from Matthew that talked about "the least of these." To quote Rush, who among us is more "least" than unborn children?)

Next, on a lighter note, we have the Obama edition of "what I did on summer vacation." While he was in Hawaii, he spent some time learning how to speak without a teleprompter. If Saddleback was any indication, he needs to go back to school.

Finally, we have a link that discusses a blog on the Obama community site. While I think that military personnel who support Obama are confused and delusional, they can support whomever they choose... but not in uniform. DODI is pretty specific (3.1.3), as is the US Code when it comes to political activity in uniform. (Here's a summary.) I'm sure that this Kyle person will say that he wasn't trying to use the uniform to influence voters. If that was true, then he would have gone ahead and used a different photo. He's a whiner, and he's probably in trouble with his command (who will probably just tell him to pull the photo).

Yeah... that's all I have for you this morning. I'll see if I can do more later.

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