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Friday, August 01, 2008

Start Your Weekend With Some Schadenfreude

Somehow, I ended up on the Amazon review page for San Fran's Grand Nan's new book. As of this post time, there are 9 five-star reviews, 10 two-to-four-star reviews, and... wait for it... 228 one-star reviews. Some of them seem like they would have done a "zero-star" rating if they were given the chance.

Oh, my... I just read one of the five-star reviews... too sweet!
To all the naysayers, have you ever considered that this might just be the best that she can do? As long as the spell-checker caught most of the typos, the book is fine! What did you expect? Substance? To expect substance here would be like expecting the Scarecrow to solve a calculus problem. Not gonna happen.

Consider the source.
Yeah, I know... I'm not usually one to indulge in schadenfreude, but I'm making an exception. Speaker Pelosi has spent the past year and a half dragging Congress down and making a mockery of our political process. Now she's derailing the political process because she thinks she's "saving the planet." That's not her job. She's supposed to represent her constituents, and even her constituents think we need to drill. She and Senator Reid are in denial, and it's pathetic. 

Anyway... Congrats on that #1031 ranking, Madame Speaker.

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