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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Facts? Who Needs Those?

I mentioned earlier that Senator Cornyn's campaign suspended activity over the weekend because of the hurricane, but Mr. Noriega's campaign couldn't wouldn't because "it was already on the calendar." (Mr. Noriega has since suspended his campaign due to the activation of his unit as part of Ike relief- read the article... it will tell you when it was suspended... telling, I think.) One of the things that the Cornyn campaign did was delay the release of a new campaign commercial... or at least, they tried to. A couple of stations, for some reason, were unable to delay the roll-out.

So... Mr. Noriega has suspended his campaign... sort of. His campaign was active enough to call reporters about the situation, accusing the Cornyn campaign of lying and asking if that's how the Senator's campaign "suspends activity."  His faithful bloggers are all over this also.

Evidently they just don't get it. The Cornyn campaign asked the stations not to air the ad. Three stations said, "sorry- it runs." The Cornyn campaign is on hold. The stations have rules, and they keep running the ads per those rules. It's what they do.

Then again, this is  what Democrats do. Take a situation, distort the facts until they resemble a Dali-esque interpretation of the world, and run with it. Good luck with that.

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