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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Geriatric Bowl?

This weekend, Jersey B hosts the Arizona Cardinals (whose owner is officially the Worst Owner in the History of Owning Thingsā„¢ (I can't find a link for that... anyone? HDD?)).Why do I care? Well... for some reason, my dad is still a Cards fan... and I'm shocked that Favre has survived this long with the Jets' O-line.

KSK has a humorous comparison of the starting quarterbacks, wondering which one will "strike a blow for seniors' rights?" Granted, Favre and Warner are not the only "old" QBs in the NFL right now (Gus Frerotte is a month younger than Warner, and Jeff Garcia is a year or so older), but Favre has the "oldest current QB" title by 4 or 5 months. The oldest players in the NFL are kickers, usually (Right now, five kickers are older than Warner, but only one, John Carney, is older than Favre*).

Where am I going with all of this? I'm not entirely sure. I wanted to link to the KSK post because it made me chuckle, especially the photoshop (yeah... the harping on Warner's faith got old, fast...). I also can't help but be surprised when (non-kicker) NFL players are still doing a fairly respectable job in a young man's sport. After all, many a player calls it a career after less than 10 years.

Maybe Favre and Warner aren't quite as superannuated as KSK presumes.  

*I was shocked that two kickers who I thought were up there with Carney weren't... they're just so famous that it seems they've been around that long.

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