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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Grinch?

TSO has a post comparing Senator McCain to the Grinch. Well, TSO doesn't do it- he points you to a DU post that does.

TSO goes on to explain that it's not just Christmas. McCain is on a rampage to destroy all holidays.
I heard he was a founding member of the Temperance movement, which means both St Paddy’s Day and Cinco de Mayo are screwed. He can’t eat sweets, so goodbye Easter, no chocolate bunnies and animal shaped marshmallow treats for you. And Thanksgiving? Puhleez- the man is the one who gave the native Americans the polo tainted blankets.

Word has it that Columbus Day will be okay. Only time will tell, but for the sake of our planet, our children, and the entire Time/Space Continuum, how could we take a chance by voting McCain?
For the sake of honesty, I must point out that some of the folks on DU did point out that this shopping season will be tight, no matter who is elected. And it's not supposed to be about the presents anyway, right? The country is deep doo-doo if our economic health revolves around the birth of Baby Jesus. Gah... I hate agreeing with those morons, but they're right... the rest of the commenters? Still insane.

Go and check out TSO's post. The p-shop is great.

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