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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Making Real Choices

Since the news of Bristol Palin's pregnancy broke, and for quite a while before that, truth be told, I've been struck by the obvious hypocritical attitude of the pro-"choice" community. They claim to be all about choice... unless you make the "wrong" choice.

What do I mean? Well, if you've "chosen" to believe that life begins at conception, and to end that life is murder (and that "justifiable homicide" is few and far between), then you've made the wrong choice. If you believe that children shouldn't be allowed to commit murder without their parents' notification, if not approval, then you've "chosen" wrong. If you disagree with NARAL, you've "chosen" wrong.

I guess, to them, there is only one choice- theirs.

That brings me to the Left's view of Governor Palin and their attack on Bristol. I'm honestly baffled by it, to a certain extent. I mean, isn't she almost everything they want in a political candidate? She's a successful woman, not riding on her husband's or any other man's coattails, making her own way in the world, juggling her family and her career with the usual bumps in the road, and reforming government when she found evidence of an "old boys club." That's what they want, right? Oh, yeah... she's pro-life. My bad.

When the campaign announced that Bristol was pregnant (mostly because of the stupid rumors about Bristol being Trig's biological mother), the Left went into attack mode, Somehow, a daughter's sin is the mother's fault, no matter how well the parents tried to guide and shape her. They claimed that this was proof that abstinance education doesn't work. (Wrong. Abstinance still works every time it's tried, and, even without "official" education, name me one teenager who doesn't know what a condom is and how it works.) They claimed that  Sarah Palin is using her daughter's pregnancy for political gain (when the "obvious" politically expedient move would have been to "get rid of the mess" months ago, even if it went against the family's belief system). The Left is beside itself that a young girl, all on her own, has decided, against the Left's "common sense" to put life before expedience. They just don't get it.

Then again, they never have. Barack Obama has said that an unexpected baby is a "punishment." Any child not planned for is a trial, not a treasure. hmmm... what does that make me? (Yeah, I take this personally. Why do you ask?)

The mother of Levi Johnston, Bristol's fiancé, after saying that the young couple had already planned to get married, said that the baby is simple a "bonus." That attitude of blessing is something the Left will never understand, if only because they don't acknowledge the God who gives those blessings.

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin put things in the wrong order, and, well, they got caught. Biology worked just as God designed it. Their lives will not be the way they planned, but it will be lives a little bit fuller than they could have imagined. Levi and Bristol will welcome their unexpected gift in a few months, and, once the 2a.m. feedings are over, they will realize that the choices they made in the harsh light of international media were definitely the right ones.

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