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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama v The NRA

A few days ago, the NRA released some ads about Senator Obama. Here they are:

If you don't feel like watching the videos, in a nutshell, the NRA is saying that Senator Obama is opposed to citizens owning handguns (and other guns). uh... didn't we know that already? I guess not. (Here is more NRA info on Obama. Here is the Illinois State Rifle Association statement.) (hmm... Annenberg... where have I heard that name before? I'm sure it will come to me*) fired up their spin machine, and this is what it spit out. David Kopel and Patterico tear apart their "fact checking", and the NRA mentions who funds (where have I heard that name before?*) .

Today, sacrificial lamb Obama spokesperson Bill Burton spoke with Megyn Kelly about this little misunderstanding concerning Obama's attitude towards guns.

I bet that left a mark. Sure, they've tried to spin this for a while now. The truth is the truth. Now how will they spin it? Hunting season is coming up, isn't it? How long will it be until Senator Obama walks into a sporting goods store to "get me a hunting license?"

Go through the links. See how Obama has voted on gun rights issues in the past. Consider for a moment that he thought that the DC gun ban was constitutional (and then flipped on it). Consider also that he has supported the draconian gun laws of Illinois (and the even stricter laws of Chicago). Sure, he recently said that he can't take away a person's guns... because he doesn't have the votes. But if he did have the votes? I pray we never find out.

When all is said and done, the Obama campaign is upset whenever someone tells the truth about Obama and what he's said in the past or where his policies would lead. Add one more truth-teller to the list.

* For any of you who have been napping the past few months, Senator Obama and William Ayers (admitted terrorist) worked together on the Annenberg Challenge, which spent millions of dollars on Chicago schools... and accomplished nothing.

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