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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, We Do Need The Rain

I have been told, and by observation have come to agree, that Texans, at least in the Austin area, have solar powered brains. If they can't see the sun, they don't think straight. They sure can't drive. Fortunately, the sun is in full view most days, so that isn't usually an issue.

This weekend, however... big issue, possibly. According to the current computer models (who are not always accurate, but... this close to landfall, they get more credible), Hurricane Ike is going to come right over us in his death throes. Honestly, until I read this, I really thought that we in Central Texas would get stuck with the same weather we always get with hurricanes- a whole lot of nothing.

So, after reading Christina's post, I started doing a little digging. Oh, joy. According to this map (which may or may not be an active link once the hurricane is gone), Ike will be a Cat1 or Cat2 as it passes just to the east of Austin sometime late Saturday. Here is the most current projected path map (with cone of probability):

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As one local weather person commented, "We don't like Ike."

If you'll notice, the center of the cone will be heading right over Austin at Cat1 and following I-35 north to Dallas. Sound like fun? Granted, hurricanes are a bit... temperamental and can change directions for no apparent reason, but... the odds of a lot of rain and wind for the weekend is sounding more and more like a reality.

How am I going to prepare for it? I already have candles and canned goods, and I have a pretty good first aid kit. I have to go to the store anyway, so I'll grab some granola bars and juice bottles/cans. I need to see if I have plenty of batteries, just in case the power goes out for a while. I have a bunch of containers that I can fill with water. One would argue that I should have a "disaster kit" ready, anyway. Now's as good a time as any, I guess.

We'll be fine. A little rain and wind never hurt anyone, right?

UPDATE: The 7pm update puts the track to the east of Austin by 50 or 60 miles. Since we'll be on the west (weak) side of the system, it will probably just be a lot of rain and some wind damage. If it stays on this track, that is. 

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