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Friday, October 31, 2008

Going Negative

That's probably not the best way to describe the latest tv ad from Rick Noriega. If you look at his youtube channel, he's been pretty negative from the beginning. ( A quick look at Senator Cornyn's youtube channel shows a mostly positive campaign.)

I get it. You're not going to win an election unless you cast your opponent in a negative light. But you also need to show how your plans are better than your opponents. Noriega hasn't done that.

And just to be clear... I agree with John Cornyn for the most part on the economy... if the media hadn't started doing the "we're all gonna die!!!" mantra, then a much smaller part of our economy would have been impacted. Then again, if the government hadn't demanded that people who could afford it got mortgages, we wouldn't be in this mess, either.

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