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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Maybe There's Hope...

... and I don't mean Hopey-Changy hope.

I've been quite annoyed with stupid voters lately. And I can't help but worry that the next generation of voters won't be much better. I mean, my kids know more about the issues than many adults, but they live with me and can't get away from it. Their friends are a little better educated than most, but... oh, yeah... some of them are in my classes at the co-op and the rest have politically informed parents. The rest of the next generation? Well... stupid voters have kids, too, right?

Then, I saw this post at Ace's. In the first video, we have a bunch of 6th and 7th graders singing about the political parties. Some of the kids had an interview on CNN in the second clip. In that second clip, I saw kids who knew at least a little about some of the issues. Granted, their knowledge is limited and most were Obama fans, but they engaged brain cells for a moment.

And then you have Willie... like Ace said, poor Willie may have had his private info scoured like Joe the Plumber already.

I'm not ready to relax. I still hate how stupid the electorate has become, but I do think some of the kids are alright.

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