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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not For The Easily Offended

Democrats in Minnesota are offended... offended, I tell you... about this mailer.

First of all, I'm not offended by the mailer as it is seen in the pictures. Franken offends me on a regular basis, but this mailer? Not so much.

It gets interesting, though. According to this comment on this blog, the photos in and of themselves are misleading.
If you look at the pictures they are folding the mailer to make it look like the pictures of the children are directly across from the text. The phrase "then talks about rape with a little girl on the opposite page you can guess my utter disgust" is completely misleading. The images of the children are on one side of the mailer and the VERY TRUE text is on the back of the mailer. What part of this mailer is incorrect or misleading? Nothing.
hmm... if you look at the photos, you can tell they're holding two mailers together to pair up the same color pages. Sneaky, Al... very sneaky...

I'm still not offended by it. And they say conservatives are easily offended... whatever...

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