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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Soldiers Angels Charity

If you have a moment, please click here, and then scroll down and vote for Soldiers Angels. Squidoo is giving $80,000 away is asking for votes to determine how the money is divided among a list of charities.
For each vote, we'll give that organization $2.

It's that easy.

We'll do it until October 15th, or 40,000 votes (which is $80,000). Whichever happens first.

Any vote after the 40thousandth, or after October 15th, won't count toward the $80,000 giveaway. But hey, the popularity contest can continue.

If we get fewer than 40,000 votes (which would be silly... it's free money for great causes) we'll roll the remainder into the Squidoo Charity Fund for the next payout.

Come on... you have 30 seconds, right? It's a good cause.

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