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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stupid Voters

Tuesday at the homeschool co-op, all of my classes (Texas History, US History, and World History) were subjected to a rant. I am compelled to repeat an abbreviated version for your reading pleasure in light of an audio clip I will put at the end.

So... the boys and I were listening to a local talk radio show on the way to co-op, and there were three callers to the show that discussed the upcoming election. One was pro-McCain, one was pro-Obama, and the other made me blow a gasket. He didn't know who was voting for yet.

Excuse me? With all of the information out there, how can a person NOT know who he is voting for two weeks before the election? How does that happen? It happens when voters don't bother to educate themselves, and instead they use their emotions. To paraphrase a woman Frank Luntz interviewed after the last debate, she decided to vote for the candidate who "moved her."
Other uneducated voters choose a candidate based on who promises them the most goodies. In either case, there is little or no thought about the issues, just the emotions evoked.

It's not that difficult to educate yourself on the candidates. Once you've actually taken the time to think through your belief and values systems (you'd be surprised how many people have never bothered with that little task), it's pretty easy to check out the candidates' websites and read over their issue statements. Whichever candidate is closer to your view on the issues is the one you vote for. You look at it logically, and everything magically falls into place.

But, no.... Americans, in general, are far too selfish to take an hour or so out of their lives to educate themselves on the issues. Then again, Americans, in general, choose a candidate based on warm fuzzies or how well their pockets are lined... that's pretty selfish right there.

When the media reports on high turnouts for elections in other countries, American whine about the lack of turnout in our elections. Sorry, but if voters aren't going to take the time to educate themselves, I don't want them to vote. Voting isn't a right- it's a responsibility.

Here is a stunning example of some voters not taking their responsibility seriously.

If you're going to vote, stupid, just stay home. Please.

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