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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Live At The Four Seasons, It's...

... the Cornyn, Williams, Jefferson, Wainwright, Johnson, and McCaul Victory Party!

I'm all set up, glass of wine in hand, ready to let you know every comment uttered from the candidates' mouths...

Who am I kidding? I'm here... I finally got the internet set up... and... well, yeah... I do have a glass of wine. Just spent some time talking to Robbie. I'll give you a wrap up as the night goes on. I'm not going to slave over this keyboard for your voyeuristic pleasure. I'm trying to figure out what exactly the plan is for the evening.

More later...

UPDATE: (8:25pm) The candidates should be here soon. Just visited the main room. Controlled chaos seems to be the theme of the evening. Media is setting up for the big event- BIG bright lights (I guess it doesn't really matter that the BIG bright light doesn't quite reach the stage, but oh, well...) At least it's keeping us toasty. Bonus: the shrimp quesadillas are yummy.

UPDATE: The candidates victors just finished giving their speeches. First, Representative McCaul thanked a very Democrat Travis County for re-electing him. Then Senator Cornyn thanked Texas for sending him back to Washington.

Governor Perry stepped to the podium then, praising Texas. He pointed out some facts and figures about Texas that many might not realize. Texas has more Fortune 500 companies than any other state. It is the largest exporting state in the Union. We have the 2nd largest economy in the nation and 15th in the world. Of all the new jobs created in the US last year, over half were in Texas. When he concluded his remarks, he introduced Lt. Governor David Dewherst, who spoke on the accomplishments of the Texas legislature.

Lt. Governor Dewherst welcomed Chairman Williams to the stage. He thanked Texas for once again electing a "bald man who wears bow ties and cowboys boots" to the Texas Railroad Commission. He then called Chief Justice Jefferson and Justice Wainwright to the podium. He pointed out that the media is talking about the historic nature of the Obama victory, but that history had already been made in Texas by re-electing three African-Americans to high office. Justices Jefferson, Johnson, and Wainwright wrapped up the evening with their thank yous.

It was a good party, if a bit bittersweet. The GOP faithful that attended the party had obviously hoped for a McCain/ Palin victory last night. They celebrated the Republican victories around Texas, and I'm sure that more than one person's thoughts went to planning for '10. It's what the political parties do, right?

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