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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For The Love of Frosty

I just received this message from my apartment complex:
Dear Resident,

The winter season is now upon us. Along with its pleasures, like the leaves changing color and the warm allure of a fireplace burning, comes the potential of a hard freeze. We would like to take this opportunity to pass on some precautionary measures to better prepare you to deal with weather related adversities should they occur.

Hard freezes are typically forecast several days in advance, allowing adequate preparation time. The two main inconveniences associated with a freeze are frozen water pipes that leak once thawed, and loss of electricity from power lines downed by the weight of ice.


Purchase emergency supplies such as:

· Firewood, portable heater

· Additional blankets

· Battery powered weather radio or TV

· Sanitary drinking water and containers

· Flashlight/batteries

· Non-perishable food items

· Dry ice/ice chest for perishables

· Manually operated can opener

· First Aid Kit

Shelter your animals and bring patio plants indoors.

Familiarize yourself with area emergency shelters, or arrange alternate housing in the event of an extended utility outage. Remember to lock all doors and windows if you leave. Keep in mind that a hard freeze usually affects the entire surrounding area, and businesses will be affected just as you are. Stock up on all medications and other necessities that may not be available if merchants are closed.


Fill your automobile with gas, and check the anti-freeze, oil and battery. Drive only when absolutely necessary.

When you leave apartment, walk carefully and watch for ice on walkways, stairs, and parking area.

Store drinking water in sanitary containers, or purchase drinking water. Store water in the bathtub for other uses.


Although the community personnel will take every precaution possible to prevent problems that result from a freeze, the assistance of every resident is needed as well.

1. Drip the water in your tub and kitchen sink to help prevent the water from freezing. If you are aware that the water pressure is low and needed for fire fighting, as often occurs with a freeze, do not drip the water.

2. Keep your heater set on 65 degrees, even if you leave your apartment. Leave cabinet doors open under sinks to washer/dryer rooms to allow heat to the pipes.

3. If your washing machine is located in a room to which heat cannot be provided, disconnect the water supply lines to your washer to prevent frozen water from bursting the pipes in your washer. Place towels or blankets under the door to such rooms to keep out as much freezing wind as possible.

4. Should pipes be damaged, and leaks occur, the sheetrock will hold water until it begins to leak. Punch a pencil hole in the wet area to allow the water to drain. Place a container under the water where possible.

Some communities with pipes prone to freezing may turn the water to the community off and drain the water pipe system completely. If this occurs, please be patient, as this precautionary measure will prevent prolonged repair time associated with a mass of broken pipes.

Community Clothes Care Centers and facilities may be shut down.

We strongly urge all residents to obtain sufficient insurance to cover their personal belongings damaged as a result of a disaster, such as water damage from broken pipes or fires from downed power lines.

Above all, plan in advance!

Call 911 or local Police for Emergencies

Where do they think we live, Minnesota? I've lived in the Austin area for 13 years now, and ONCE we had weather bad enough to warrant this kind of hysteria (the week we moved here, now that I think about it). Sure, we'll get a little ice here and there, but nothing like... well... places where winter actually happens.

Yeah, it's chilly today (downright cold for those who have never seen more than a scattering of snow). Pipes freezing? Ice downing power lines? I don't think so. I'm not quite ready to grab my parka and hook up the sled dogs. Goofy Austinites.

That being said, sure... I'd love another cup of hot tea. Thanks for asking!

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