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Friday, January 16, 2009

Caption This


Wizbang is having a weekend caption contest using this photo.My favorites so far?
"Miracle on the Hudson." That's what they're saying. Hard to argue, considering how rare successful water landings are. And considering that the pilot not only landed the plane safely, but without serious injury to passengers or crew (the worst injury appears to be broken legs). And considering that rescue boats (official and volunteer) were able to arrive within three minutes. And considering that no boats happened to be on that particular stretch of river at that moment. Truly a miracle? Technically, no. Hand of God involved? I think that's likely.

Many people are calling Captain Sullenberger a hero. That's hard to argue, too. After completing a maneuver that you can only practice in a simulator, he walked the aisle of the plane twice from tail to nose (in 40° water up to his chin), ensuring that no passengers were left behind. I'd bet, however, that he'd tell you he was just doing his job. According to reports, after he was taken to shore, he sat in the holding area, cap in place, sipping a cup of coffee, cool as a cucumber.

Yep... just doing his job.

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