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Friday, January 09, 2009

Funny, That

Earlier today, I talked about how boycotts (large, organized boycotts) don't usually work. That being said, I don't buy Ben & Jerry's ice cream or go to their scoop shops because I don't care for the causes they support.

Case in point. They have a new flavor, "Yes, Pecan." (The anchor I saw on tv today reporting on it mispronounced it. It's "Yes, pea-can," not, "yes, pea-cahn." She obviously didn't get the joke.) A portion of the proceeds go to "Common Cause."

Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about Common Cause, but I do know (from their web site) that they want more public broadcasting and more campaign finance reform. They're against "voter identification" laws. They also want to get rid of the Electoral College. Granted, I like accountability in government, and the idea of ethics in government is wonderful, if only a dream. All in all... not an organization I can stand behind.

So... my personal boycott continues. No, no puedo.

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