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Friday, January 09, 2009

Targeting Causes

The American Family Association promotes tradition family values and exposes companies and organizations that support... other agendas. Recently, AFA brought to light Pepsi's support of homosexual causes while the company refused to donate to any company that objects to homosexuality.

(For full disclosure, my sister currently works for Pepsi, and I'm a die-hard Coke drinker. )

Do I think that Pepsi should give money to LGBT causes? No. Do I think they should support pro-family causes? Not necessarily. There are so many charities out there. I really don't think that either of those qualify. On the other hand, it's their money (well, their shareholders' money), and they can do whatever they want with it.

Sure, the AFA should spread the word about which companies support agenda which are against traditional family values- it lets the individual decide if they want to patronize a particular company. No problem. Will it do anything? Maybe... maybe not.

Small scale (personal) boycotting works simply because it's simply a personal choice based on their belief system (if they choose to tell Company X of their personal boycott, that's their call). Large scale boycotting doesn't usually work because there is usually an equally large bloc who bouy the boycotted company until the boycott ends (Disney has been boycotted for years, and they still have a 100% score from the HRC). (There are arguments that boycotts can work, but it depends on how much change you really want. From what I see... sure, they cause some change, but not meaningful change.)

I guess I'm quite the pragmatist when it comes to protesting companies that support the homosexual lifestyle. I don't like that fact, but it's where I am right now. Putting more pressure on a company because they are caving to pressure isn't going to accomplish much. The problem isn't the companies. They're simply spending their advertising dollars where they will work, and they're providing benefits to partners, etc., to avoid getting sued. They may or may not actually care one whit about gay rights or any other agenda. They know who will sue and who won't.

What to do? If people really want to change things in our country and move it back toward tradition family values, what should they do? Honestly, I have no idea. Something has to be done. I just don't think boycotting Campbell's soup or Pepsi will get it done.

Take a look at this list of companies who scored 100% on the Human Right's Campaign 2009 Corporate Equality Index. You practically can't stay in a major hotel chain, buy an American-made car, run a web search, take a commercial flight, or drink a soda without using one of the companies on the list.

Here's the entire HRC report. From that, if you want to support companies that least support the LGT agenda, go out to eat at Cracker Barrel, drink Miller beer (which still scored a 90%), fly Northwest (and get your tickets from Expedia)to your Royal Caribbean cruise, buy a Nissan, do your grocery shopping at H.E.B., use Aegon or Travellers insurance, get your car parts from Autozone, and get your gas at Exxon/Mobile stations (the only company to score 0).

How many pro-family advocates are going to do that? Not many, I'm afraid.

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