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Friday, February 06, 2009

He Must Have Missed The Memo

I'm pretty sure that prior to his swearing in on January 20th, President Obama had a bunch of briefings on everything Presidential. Important things like how the White House phone system works... who is Secret Service protectors would be... proper military etiquette...

I think he missed the last one...
Departing from the South Lawn, Obama broke from tradition as he boarded Marine One, the presidential helicopter. He seemed to stun the Marine standing at attention by reaching out to shake his hand. The Marine obliged, shaking the president's hand before returning to a steady salute.
As the commenter on the second link mentioned, of course the Marine was "stunned." Proper protocol would have been for the President to return the salute (supposedly, he's learned that one already) and then offer his hand. Not the other way around. The Marine Corps isn't there for him to get all buddy buddy with... they're there to do a job...

I guess this shouldn't be a surprise. He did replace the Marine Corps band with a piano player.

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