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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Georgian reporter, Tamara Urushadze, was grazed by a bullet (I'm not sure who shot her, though... the Daily Mail article says it may have been South Ossetian militia) during a live broadcast... and kept reporting.

I find it interesting that her support crew was putting a bulletproof vest with "TV" across the front onto Urushadze as she tried to explain what happened (I think I heard the word "snipe" or "sniper" as she spoke). She was standing in the middle of a road, microphone in hand, looking into a camera. I think the sniper knew she was part of the media and didn't really care.

The other day, I mentioned  several posts that posited the notion that Georgia isn't an innocent victim in all of this. That's not to say that Russian seems to be taking advantage of the situation. It's funny... based on the posts I mentioned, I was willing to give Russia the benefit of the doubt. Now, it's kind of difficult to continue because of the way they're ignoring ceasefires and international concerns. If they were really just trying to honor the wishes of the breakaway area, things would be a little different.

Russia is messing up big time. "This is not 1968" was about as big of a smackdown as you can get diplomatically. The US has pulled out of several joint military exercises, and has suggested that, if the Russians are going to act this way, then maybe they don't need to play with the other kiddos in the G87 and other neat clubs. Wonder how they'll respond to that...

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