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Friday, January 16, 2009

Marketing Change

The other day, I mentioned Ben & Jerry's new ice cream. I also mentioned the President-elect's cameo in a Spiderman comic. Now it looks like Pepsi is cashing in on the Obamessiah's fame.

From what I could tell, Pepsi seems to believe that Mr. Obama will "refresh America." Huh? How does that work? Do I even want to know?

The website has need statements like "I've never felt more optimistic!", " Time to hit Refresh" , "New Energy Solutions Now!" and "Everything will be different." That last person has no idea how right they are.

I'm sure other companies will jump on the Obama bandwagon. Seriously. Millions of Obamabots are just waiting to spend their money on hopey changey goodness.

As for me? No, no puedo. I'm still a Coke drinker.

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